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The first “Ape Car Malandra” was established in Forte dei Marmi in 1999 with the collections of Valeria Ferlini on board, which at the time were sold only in her shop.

After various tests and after the success reached in many cities and localities, to date the “api, bees in English” that sell our products are 25 throughout Italy.

Made in Italy has always reigned both in the soul of fabrics and in the creation and production of garments.

Valeria Ferlini’s collections have a classic and original touch that makes her garments unique.

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Our is a “conscious fashion”, and, by building a narrative behind it, we go beyond the creation of the garment itself.

Our system was designed to become the first authentic mobile sales system that manages to re-evaluate the street, historically the habitat of commerce.

Our laboratories are thought to try to satisfy the requests of our customers in the best possible way and to give a consistent service, many times creating specially tailored garments for our customers.

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In 2006 Moving Shop began to develop a project within the San Vittore prison in Milan that then became a real challenge: to bring luxury into human hell.

Giving the prisoners the opportunity to work with fine fabrics, with colors, where the gray of concrete is king, was a real success because these people, penalized by their existential choices, were able to emerge and learn with great professionalism.

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Having the clothes produced behind the “bars” and then selling them on the street (which is the maximum expression of freedom) was our desire to add a story behind the ephemeral of the dress.

Two years ago, Moving Shop managed to open a laboratory with the same group of inmates who, once their sentence is over, continue to work for us.

With their reintegration back into society, they have found a guarantee of work and the realizationof what they have worked for years.

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