Valeria Ferlini

Valeria Ferlini

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Valeria Ferlini

Model at the age of 20 years old for Gianfranco Ferrè, Krizia, Missoni and others from whom she learns the textiles character.

“Fashion teaches you to watch and it always pushes you towards an “active thinking”, a catwalk between possible and impossible.”

Philosophy studies have taught me that life is a battlefield, a face to face with our intimate and essential challenges.


The most exciting memory of your career?

Every time special women have worn my dresses, from the Duchess of Kent to Virna Lisi and Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Your style?

Style is a way of being, of speaking, of living by watching life. All is elegant, but never flashy.
A studied dégagé.

Where Valeria Ferlini started?

In 1999 after two shops in Milan, Montenapoleone 12 and one in an ancient court in Porta Romana, she created clothes for kids: Paris Bebé.

She started with the pilot project Ape Car Malandra, with the debut in Forte dei Marmi. This project has a great success: selling classy clothes with an Ape Car. Then a “swarm of ape cars” all over Italy.

Life philosophy?

There’s always been something musical in my project. A starting point with all his certainties.
“A sacred inheritance.”

The social approach?

Giving a great attention to social issues, I create a project with a strong solidarity footprint that leads to getting close with prison experience, where for a moment of “emotional blindness” a man can lose his freedom…”


“Fashion comes for a few, but I’ve always thought about it for everyone.”


She brings fashion in the street and she likes going where there are no streets, like in prison.

“Jail is not Montparnasse for sure, the volcano of artists, the place of “different living”. Prisoners, against rules, for 18 years, of which 8 in the prison and the next outside with Valeria Ferlini, creating fashion and breathing the true freedom. It’s in 1999 that the first fashion project in a prison is born.

Which is her role in the brand?

I think that life is a matter of centimetres, that are needed and are everywhere: in every break of every match, in every minute, in every second. And when you reach your goals through years, you start to sum up all that centimetres. The total makes the difference in being able to transmit through the clothes’ style a way of behaving.”

She uses for her own production “Laboratori Italiani”, that have brought the growth of Made in Italy all over the world.


The inspiration?

Fashion is not just in clothes, fashion is the street…It’s from the street that often the most intense stories for films, books, art, photography are born. The sky doesn’t move, it watches you…

The faces worn by the various women that walk, lead me to a figurative play that in an instant I cover with style and moving joy, all features that belong to me. Dresses chosen with an history, a lasting storytelling “sewn on particular fabrics.

To whom Valeria Ferlini speaks?

To a woman who does not have the majority share of that time, who knows how to wander. Travelling with no suitcase, having all in her pocket.

Fluid women, not dramatic at all, capable of impetus. Women who try to play “domino” underwater!”

The style of Valeria Ferlini?

I love fabrics that in their own way represent the creativity, the most beautiful, the most precious, the most colourful, the most simple.
Their creation, their textures and their warp represent the paths of life, the deep interweaving, a wide emotional fabric, colourful, dull, lighting like human beings.
Through the dress textile, linear, clean that lead the woman to cover herself to let the man always imagine.

I love clothes that are intimidating

spazio moroni

Where to find Valeria Ferlini’s fashion?

Spazio Morone 4

In one of the most ancient streets of Milan, in the Quadrilatero, a space opens inside one old stable of the 18th century. Here you can find her collections.

And during events of the International Milan, always opened to host the creatives of the most artistic trends of fashion, of design, etc…

ape green

Ape Car Green

Loving contrasts, in 1999, she invents a revolutionary sailing system on the road, repeatedly awarded as the innovative idea in the fashion market.

From the Quadrilatero to the streets, Valeria Ferlini sells his collections in the most exclusive locations, from Cortina d’Ampezzo, Forte dei Marmi, Porto Cervo, Saint Tropez, Montecarlo, Cap d’Antibes to many others.

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